Who we are?

We are specialized in professional cleaning, pest, termite control and security services.

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Because Quality is necessary

Cambodia saw strong, uninterrupted growth for most of the past two decades. Booming Real Estate sector led to a high demand for related services such as cleaning, pest or termite control, & landscaping services.

Our company was established to dedicate our services to our clients, from property developers to facility managers, our passion for excellence leads us to continuously invest in improving our internal processes, our employees and our relationship with every single business we serve.

Our Vision

“Commitment, the MC backbone”

At MC Services, our vision is to offer a multi-service concept constantly committed to client satisfaction and “green” solutions.

We strive to become the largest group in the sanitation sector in Cambodia.

Our Mission

  • To bring international standards into Cambodia’s Commercial cleaning and Pest Control sectors.
  • To offer environmental and non harmful solutions to our clients.
  • “Exemplary Service” to reach 100% client satisfaction.

Core Values

  • Create a compliant & engaging environment for employees, support motivation to provide utmost quality service and dedication to our clients.
  • Respect, Integrity and win-win collaboration with all our clients, partners and suppliers.
  • Our company governance culture is dominated by low power distance between management and lower rank staff for constructive interactions.

Bringing the best into CambodiaBecause quality mattersBecause your satisfaction is our priority

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MC Founder "MC In Good Hands"

Mr. KOK SOKCHEA, Founder & Managing Director of MC Services, has over 10-years of experience in Cleaning & Pest Management Services. He founded MC Services in 2017 in Cambodia. Since its establishment, the company is committed to provide sustainable solutions for professional cleaning, pest / termite control, garden maintenance and security services. Client satisfaction is our priority!

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A word from our CEO

"At MC Services, by creating a compliant and engaging environment for our employees, our best feature became our team of professional individuals, who, through their hard work and commitment continuously drive our company forward. 

As an independent, privately-owned Cambodian company, I am very proud to be one of the fastest growing firm in the Cleaning & Pest control industries and participate in Cambodia’s strong growth in Real Estate. MC Services is a fantastic adventure and many new exciting development are waiting for us!

On behalf of MC Team, thank you to all our clients, partners and suppliers and look forward to keeping on growing all together."

Kok Sokchea, CEO, MC Services

October 2022

Reached 250 MC technical staffs

April 2022

MC Services Cambodia reached 3,000 Cleaning and Pest Control projects

January 2022

MC Services Cambodia moved its Headquarter to Khan Mean Chey

December 2021

MC Services Cambodia expanded the services to Kampongcham and Kampong Thom provinces

October 2021

MC Services Cambodia attended the FAOPMA-Pest virtual conference. “Pest & Business, the new realities”

December 2020

MC Services Cambodia expanded the services to Battambang, Sihanouk and Siem Reap provinces

October 2020

MC Services Cambodia reached the first 1,000 Cleaning and Pest Control projects

September 2019

MC Services Cambodia attended the FAOMA-Pest Summit in Dajeon, Korea

March 2019

MC Services Cambodia reached a total of 500 Cleaning and Pest Control projects since the company launch

September 2018

MC Services Cambodia attended the AIB Integrated Pest Management and attended the FAOMA-Pest Summit in Shenzhen, China

February 2018

MC Services Cambodia completed the first 100 Cleaning and Pest Control projects

November 2017

MC Services Cambodia attended the AIB Integrated Pest Management program and attended the 28th FAOPMA-Pest Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand

November 2017

MC Services Cambodia was established to dedicate our cleaning and pest control services to our clients


Highly Trained Employees

Our crew members are extensively trained and follow strict standard Operating Procedures to ensure the job is done right.

Security and Safety

Every crew member goes through a rigorous background check, fully vaccinated and outfitted in a formal MC Services uniform so you know they are sent by us.

Quality Control

As we know consistency is the most critical part of our business, we monitor our staff’s performance by conducting random inspections by our quality control department.

Insurance & Liability

For a complete peace of mind, all our crew members are fully covered in case of any accident or loss at our client location.

Proficient Equipment

Holding all tools and heavy equipment “in house”, we can proudly state that we are among the best in terms of service productivity in Cambodia.

Flexible Schedule

Would you prefer our crews to come in the morning? Overnight? During lunch? You tell us what is the most convenient for your business and we will work around it.

Looking for professional Cleaners and Pest Controllers?

Simply contact us for hassle-free cleaning and pest control services!